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National strategies in Finland

In this section some selected Finnish policy and strategy documents that have an impact on lifelong guidance development are highlighted.

The Education and Research Development Plan (2011-16) is adopted by the Finnish government every four years, and it directs the implementation of the national education and research policy goals. It covers all forms of education from early childhood to adult education including guidance and counselling as well as research conducted in universities and universities of applied sciences. Education and Research 2011-2016 - A development Plan

The national strategy for developing lifelong guidance in Finland has been adopted in 2011. It aims at 1) making services equally accessible for all; 2) supporting individual career management skills; 3) strengthening competences of guidance practitioners; 4) developing a quality assurance system for guidance; and 5) creating a coherent and holistic lifelong guidance system. National lifelong guidance strategy (only available in Finnish)

The Finnish Working Life Development Strategy 2020 aims to improve the employment rate, quality of working life, well-being at work and work productivity. The focus will be on sharing working life practices in different enterprises and workplaces. Guidance and counselling is seen as an integral element in the implementation of this strategy. National Working Life Development Strategy 2020

The Youth guarantee is an initiative of the Finnish Government (2011-15) to promote employment and prevent social exclusion of young people. It sets out to provide all young people with realistic opportunities to pursue and complete a post-basic qualification and find employment. Successful execution of the youth guarantee requires cooperation among national and municipal authorities, and the business sector. Among many measures, individualised guidance services, youth outreach work and youth workshops are also included. Finnish Youth Guarantee

The Finnish Child and Youth Policy Development Programme (2012-15) includes national youth policy objectives and outlines those for regional and local authorities related to education, employment, health, active citizenship, social empowerment, housing, and entrepreneurship. The programme is important for youth information, advice and guidance as activities will be developed in collaboration with young people to improve their opportunities to be heard, participate and influence. Child and Youth Policy Programme