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Name Year of publication
Facts Express 6B/2018: What brought students to Finland, how do they find studying here?2018
Facts Express 2C/2018: Young people's world is changing – what is the response of youth work?2018
Higher education cooperation between Eritrea and Finland2018
Facts Express 5B/2017: Statistics on international mobility periods of higher education students in 20162018
Facts Express 6B/2017: Statistics on foreign degree students in Finnish higher education institutions in 20162018
Facts Express 4C/2017: Statistics about international activities of schools in school year 2016–20172017
Higher Education Cooperation with Russia. Assessment of CIMO’s Russia operations2017
Facts Express 2B/2017: Students heading abroad are flexible and understand different perpectives. Results from the Global Mindedness survey.2017
Finland’s hard-working and confident experts abroad!2017
Facts Express 1C/2017: New perspectives on everyday schoolwork. Experiences of the impact of Erasmus+ staff mobility in Finnish schools2017
Facts and figures -report 5b/2016: International mobility in Finnish higher education in 2015: degree students2016
Facts and figures -report 4B/2016: International mobility in Finnish higher education institutions in 2015: student exchanges2016
Facts Express 3C/2016: Schools are increasingly international. International activities of Finnish schools in numbers 2015-20162016
Quarter of a century of internationalisation. CIMO annual publication 20162016
Facts Express 2c/2016: Mobility, networks, projects and internationalisation at home. Statistics on international activities in adult education in Finland in 2015.2016
Facts Express 1B/2016: In Finland, at work, elsewhere? Status of international higher education students in Finland 5 years after their graduation2016
International Student Barometer. Survey in Finnish higher education institutions. Autumn 20142016
Faktaa - Facts and Figures 1B/2016: International dimension in the strategies and daily life of vocational schools2016
Higher Education Institutions Partnering for Development and Change2015
Faktaa - Facts and Figures 1b/2015: At school, in the university, abroad. 2015
North–South–South 10 years: a decade of supporting development through academic mobility2015
Higher Education in Finland 2015–20162015
Impact of the intensive courses2012
Facts Express 2c/2012: Do international students of higher education stay in Finland after graduation?2012
Facts Express 3c/2012: Taking part makes a difference!2012
Faktaa - Facts and Figures 1b/2012: Internationality as part of higher education studies2012
Faktaa - Facts and Figures 1b/2011: International mobility in Finnish vocational and higher education in 20102011
Faktaa - Facts and Figures 1b/2010: Networks help to make vocational education and training more international2010
Faktaa - Facts and Figures 1c/2009: From thematic weeks to development projects. A study on international dimension in Finnish schools2009
CIMO's year 20112012
Finnish. CIMO supports Finnish Language and Culture Studies2013
CIMO Strengthening the Internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions 20112012
Report on the Pilot Phase of the North-South Programme2009
North-South-South Higher Education Institution Network Programme2008
International mobility in Finnish vocational and higher education institutions 20082009
Increasing the quality and effectiveness of the management of internationalisation. The Present state of the internationalisation processes of vocational education in Finland2009
Finnish Erasmus Mundus Master Programmes2008
Finland in Focus – Towards 2020 in Vocational Education and Training. Leonardo da Vinci Programme: Promoting cooperation and development2010
Finland - A Natural Choice2013
Faktaa - Facts and Figures 2b/2009: Degree programmes taught through a foreign language in Finnish higher education2009
Facts and Figures -report 1b/2009: Degree programmes taught through a foreign language in Finnish higher education2009
CIMO Strenghtening the Internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions 20102012
CIMO Scholarships. Scholarships for Studies, Research and Teaching in Finland2013
Across the Borders. Internationalisation of Finnish Higher Education2009
3rd Cycle Degrees: Competences and Researcher Career2009
Study on the Relevance of International Student Mobility to Work and Employment. Finnish employers' views on benefits of studying and work placements abroad2005
International Teacher Mobility. Benefits and impact in comprehensive and upper secondary schools, vocational education and training, and higher education 2008
International Student Mobility in Finnish Higher Education 20072008
CIMO strenghtening the internationalisation of higher education institutions 20122013
Facts and figures report 1/2013: Study on the impact of Leonardo da Vinci partnerships2013
Finnish education in a nutshell2013
Centre for International Mobility2014
CIMO in 20122012
Facts and figures summary 3C/2013: International mobility in Finnish higher education in 20122013
CIMO in 20132014
Living and Learning - Exchange Studies Abroad2013
Facts Express 3c/2014: THINGS YOU DON´T LEARN AT SCHOOL! 2014
Faktaa - Facts and figures 1/2014: Hidden Competences2014
CIMO Strengthening the Internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions 20132014
Facts Express 2b/2014: What do statistics tell us about staff visits abroad?2014
Facts Express 6B/2013: Student mobility between Finland and Russia: Reviewing the FIRST programme (pdf)2013
HEI ICI. Higher Education Institutions Institutional Cooperation Instrument2012
Strength from international cooperation2014
HEI ICI 2011–2012. CIMO’s synthesis report on project completion on reports2013
Finnish Higher Education 2014-20152014
Facts Express 2b/2015: What is the cost of education of international students?2015
Facts Express 1B/2015: Do mobility periods change students' attitudes?2015
Faktaa - Facts and figures 1b/2013: What do statistics tell us about international student mobility in Finland?2013
Facts and figures summary 2C/2013: International mobility in Finnish vocational education and training 20122013
Facts Express 5b/2014: Employment of international students in Finland2015
Facts Express 4B/2014: What do we know about the economic impact of international higher education students?2014
Finnish VET in a nutshell2015
Strategy 20202011