Living and Learning - Exchange Studies Abroad.

A study of motives, barriers and experiences of Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish students.

What makes some students go abroad for exchange studies while others remain at their home institutions for the whole study period? Who are the mobile students? What are the driving forces leading to international student mobility, and what prevents students from becoming exchange students abroad?

These are some of the main questions addressed in the Nordic study on student exchange mobility, a cooperation project by the Centre for International Mobility (CIMO) in Finland, the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education (SIU)and the Swedish Council for Higher Education. The cooperation project aims to provide comparable data from Finland, Norway and Sweden to increase understanding of the driving forces of student mobility.

40 p.

Published at: 2013

ISBN: 978-91-7561-000-9

Type of document: Survey

Publication: Living and Learning - Exchange Studies Abroad (pdf)