Finland’s hard-working and confident experts abroad!

Impact assessment of CIMO’s international trainee programmes

Lauri Tuomi

Since starting its operations, CIMO has offered a variety of trainee programmes. The selection of international the programmes has been modified and developed over the years. In the recent years, approximately 300 Finnish higher education students or recent graduates have participated CIMO’s trainee programmes, mainly outside Europe.

Have the traineeships influenced on the participants’ careers? How do the programmes relate to Finnish HEIs’ own international traineeships? What is their added value for the HEIs? How could the programmes be improved? The trainee programmes have been popular and their quality is considered high. Students’ international competence has strengthened significantly during the traineeship. Through trainees, organisations got to know today’s Finland and working methods.

At the beginning of 2017, the trainee programmes were transferred to the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) after the old Finnish National Board of Education and CIMO merged forming a new agency.

The external assessor was DSc Lauri Tuomi, CEO of Profitmakers Inc.

40 p.

Published at: 2017

Series: Reports and surveys

ISSN: 1798-8926 (pdf)

978-952-13-6375-7 (pdf)

Publication: Finland’s hard-working and confident experts abroad! (pdf)