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Higher Education

Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI funds and supports international work in higher education. EDUFI manages scholarship schemes and EU-funded programmes, is involved in Nordic and national funding, and engages in a variety of measures to support the teaching of Finnish language and culture in universities outside Finland.

The programmes support, for example, student exchanges and work placements, teacher exchanges, intensive and summer courses on various topics, international projects, and scholarships for postgraduate studies. The support available varies from one programme to another.

The EU programmes provide funding for European cooperation, and specific funding is also available for cooperation between the Nordic countries. National funding is targeted specifically for cooperation with countries outside Europe, with an emphasis on Russia, Asia and the developing countries.

Activities supported

Finnish national agency for education represents Finnish higher education worldwide, promoting study opportunities in Finland. A variety of tools are used to this end, such as the Study in Finland website, publications and an alumni newsletter. We also participate in international fairs. EDUFI has an office in China to promote cooperation between Finnish and Chinese higher education institutions.

EDUFI organises several national and international training and information events and discussions on its own or together with higher education institutions. The biggest annual event is the spring seminar on international affairs in higher education.

EDUFI`s work in the higher education sector is guided by the national Strategy for the Internationalisation of Finnish Higher Education Institutions 2009–2015.

Support to educational institutions and individuals

The higher education programmes for international cooperation are intended for higher education institutions or networks of higher education institutions. These programmes include Erasmus+, Nordplus, FIRST+, Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, north2north and Higher Education Institutions’ Institutional Cooperation Instrument (HEI ICI).

These programmes support activities such as large-scale student and teacher exchanges, intensive courses, projects to develop curricula and joint study programmes, or capacity building in the partnering institutions outside Finland. The Erasmus+ programme also encompasses measures to promote the Bologna process.

The higher education programmes for trainees and postgraduate students are intended for individuals. EDUFI offers Finnish higher education students and teachers a number of scholarship programmes and support measures to enable them to take work placements and carry out postgraduate studies abroad. Programmes and support is also available to students and teachers coming to Finland.

The programmes cover a large geographical area: countries outside the European Union make up a significant part of the countries we work with. Specific programmes are also available to public sector employees and junior experts in the European Union and the United Nations.

EDUFI supports the teaching of Finnish language and culture in universities outside Finland by offering them consultancy services, financial support and teaching materials. Furthermore, we send out visiting lecturers, professors and trainees from Finland. Regular seminars are organised for teachers. Summer courses, online courses and scholarship and work placement programmes are available to students. The activities are supported by the Council for Finnish Studies at Universities abroad.

Contact us

Internationalisation Services for Higher Education
Juha Ketolainen, Counsellor of Education (Head of Unit)
phone +358 295 338 592

Higher Education Cooperation
Maija Airas, Counsellor of Education
phone +358 295 338 588

Traineeships and Post-Graduate Studies
Marjaana Kopperi, Counsellor of Education
phone +358 295 338 553

Finnish Language and Culture
Krista Heikkilä, Programme Manager
phone +358 295 338 514