Vocational education and training

Finnish National Agency for Education supports institutions of vocational education and training (VET) and other organisations involved in VET at all levels in their international work by managing programmes funded by the European Union and through Nordic funding schemes.

These programmes advance international project cooperation and development work, student and teacher exchanges, on-the-job learning, study visits and initial, further and in-service training for teachers. The support available varies from one programme to another.

European cooperation is made possible by EU funding, while specific funding is also available for cooperation between the Nordic countries and for collaboration worldwide.

Activities supported

VET institutions, networks of VET institutions, working life and companies and other organisations involved in vocational education and training can make use of a range of international cooperation programmes. EU’s Erasmus+ programme supports international collaboration.

Other funding options are available in the Nordplus programme, and through several bilateral EU programmes such as EU-US, EU-Canada, EU-Australia and EU-Korea.

Contact us

Email erasmus.voced(at)oph.fi
Staff telephone numbers are listed in here.

What we can offer you

If you’re interested in participating in any of the above programmes, please contact the national agency in your own country.

If you’d like to cooperate with providers of vocational education and training or companies in Finland, we can help you to find a potential Finnish partner.

Please forward your contact details and a short description of your interest areas to: erasmus.voced(at)oph.fi.fi. We will forward your request to international coordinators and their regional networks around Finland.

If you'd like to apply to upper secondary education or vocational education in Finland, then you should turn to the respective sections on the Studyinfo.fi site for information and advice.

On the Studyinfo.fi site you'll find information on the English language options on offer in both general upper secondary and vocational education, and links to the educational institutions. You should contact the schools directly for application advice.

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